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Life of a short-stacker

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July recappaments
  Naib, Jul 31 2009

First off, quoting the July goals thread:

  On July 01 2009 13:27 Naib wrote:
[] Platinum Star.
[] 30-40k hands (it's really the time to stop slacking off)
[] Continue getting minor scores @ the weekly tournaments, hopefully luckboxing a major one.
[] Keep the girl I hooked up with last month
[] More articles. MORE.


[x] Platinum Star No explanation needed, I have played enough. (not much, but enough)
[x] 30-40k hands Yay. At the shorter end of the 30-40k though.
[ ] MTTs Well, apart from a few very minor scores, this month was a negative tourney-wise. Bad, bad. Should read more MTT articles.
[ ] Keeping the girl Haha well, fail. I'm not too disappointed by that though (well ofc a bit) we didn't go well together. Eye-ing the next 'target' atm, updates to come (or not if I fail!).
[x] Reading articles. A success, but I should still read more. Shift+deleting WC3 (damn scrubs @ DotA) should help a lot in order to focus on this aspect of my game. Especially need some MTT wisdom (quitting MTTs until I get a lot better, save for the weekly / monthly freerolls / ocassional FPP blowing @ satellites)


A few notes: Seems like folding more was what I needed. I know, I know - redline is really fugly, but my showdown winnings more than make up for it - so it would look. Still trying to get the redline back on track though, I feel I get bullied out in some spots where I shouldn't allow it. Next month the priority is to keep showdown wins at the same rate, whilst improving the redline.

Total winnings ain't bad, but could be better. Also shadowed by the fact that I ended the month negative in MTTs. No whines though, a positive graph is a positive graph.

Good luck at the tables LP, and I hope your July was better than mine!

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June so far - recap
  Naib, Jun 24 2009

Well, it isn't the end of the month yet, but since I turned 22 2 days ago I might as well update now.

Quoting from the June goals thread:

  On June 01 2009 03:31 Naib wrote:
[] Spiking my last few exams
[] Put in sick volume into learning, not just playing poker (I will finally have time, and I think I can get somewhere for once)
[] Score Platinum Star, if all goes well maybe I can Supernova it this year but that's a far-fetch. I need to jump limits for that so the poker gods should favor me.
[x] Keep up going to the gym 2-4 times a week (it already shows and I can feel the difference, too).
[] Snatch this summer job teaching chess for small children.
[] Actively look for opportunities getting my driver's license
[] English oral exam (I failed with like 2% last time, while I almost aced the written part). This is urgent.

Last two are more like "over the course of the summer" but better start preparing right now, after the exams are over (2 weeks, ONE TIME PLZ).

[] FAIL. I hardly played poker because I'm still busy it seems (wtf ). A lot of time spent with poker were put into reading articles though - half-success.
[] EPIC FAIL. I can forget about that.
[x] EPIC WIN. "Ripped Nerd Baller" is what Tasteless would say about me (well not quite there yet but on the way )
[] FAIL. Haha well who cares.
[x] WIN. One of my friends hooked me up with some cheap opportunity, and I also started practicing on our car with my father.
[] FAIL - so far at least. I really didn't bother looking into that yet.

Birthday: I degen'd it up and used the money I earned with hard work last year to buy myself an X-box, 2 controllers, and SFIV. Needless to say my friend (whom I go to the gym with) was pretty happy to hear that, haha. We've been melting each other's face ever since.


If you read the June goals thread, I updated it later with "Need to score this awesomely hot girl" or something.



[X] SUCCESS. Wow fuck yeah. She's a real hottie and I'm the luckiest guy on Earth (even though this is hardly a relationship but I don't feel the need to blog about that here, sorry guys )

Anyway, I promised pics. Here's one:


+ Show Spoiler +

(Yes it looks like it's cut right out from Playboy or whatever else because it actually WAS photo-shot for and published in a men's magazine. Now you can envy me bitches .)

All in all: I might be scared to play a ton of poker because I'm running way EV+ in life atm - afraid that Poker would go EV- wise

Good luck at the tables LP!

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Non-solid braggament
  Naib, Jun 01 2009

So...yeah. I decided this might be worth creating my second-ever blog (the first was just a temporary thing about Rymarov LANcraft Spring 2009). Time for some pokeraments!

This is the first time I really got somewhere deeper than usual in a weekly donkament, and with my non-existant poker skill I thought it was at least somewhat brag-worthy (even though the grand prize of ~140 dollahz is like lunch money for the lot of you)


The best thing in the whole run is that I only sucked out once (10-9s > A9o thank you), won / lost flips equally (despite being really short somewhere), and lost some hands where I was dominating the opponent. I wasn't even THAT lucky.

Bust-out hand because it's obligatory:

Submitted by :

FML, another dominating hand sucked out on

GL at the tables LP! I really learned a lot as a poker player browsing this site.

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